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President Message

The Chinese American Doctors Association welcomes all members of the Association to this Website for keeping up with current events in the Chinese American physician communities. We also invite the general public to visit our website often to stay informed on important medical issues facing our patients and physicians. Our medical association has benefitted greatly by the support from our Board of Directors, members, volunteers, local Asian American communities and local government. We appreciate their generous contributions and guidance. While CADA has accomplished many milestone since its inception one year ago, we must now focus on the years ahead with a concentrated effort to encourage more support for many important medical issues that face our physicians, community and entire country. With the current economic environment, the Chinese American Doctors Association will play an important role in guiding the ongoing efforts of our local Chinese American physicians to help serve our communities with the best medical care possible. As the first president of Chinese American Doctors Association, I am looking forward to working with our Board of Directors, members, volunteers and partners in our efforts to accomplish following goals:

*CADA shall not only continue its successful Community Healthcare Education Program in Chinese communities but also expand it to other Asian communities by working with various partners, such as LIFE & Discovery, Inc. In particular, CADA shall be the resource for the community at large to rely on.

*CADA shall continue its support for Asian American Healthcare Center and make it one of the best Healthcare Models for the Asian Americans by providing a linguistically competent and culturally sensitive healthcare.

*CADA shall continue to hold high standards for our Professional Education Program to facilitate the professional development of its members and formulate a high standard annual meeting for academic exchanges.

*CADA shall expand its partnership with Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee to promote medical exchange between Baltimore City and City of Xiamen in China.

* Within the legal confines of being a non-profit organization, CADA shall continue to strive as a strong advocate for the Asian American physicians and Asian communities by working with various CADA partners.

* CADA shall utilize the modern technology at our disposal to communicate with our members and the community at large. We shall seek to develop a Multi-language based educational website for the common clinical problems and as a portal where the Asian American patients can refer to in seek of health related services.

*CADA shall continue its support for the Medical Chinese Curriculum at University of Maryland School of Medicine and expand its collaboration with Asian American Medical Student Association at University of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medical School. We shall seek out local students to participate in our projects such as the above.

*CADA shall continue its support for local Health Department to promote various community based healthcare projects to improve the healthcare in Asian American communities.

*CADA strongly believe that the sense of community service starts at young age. For this, we are proposing an Annual CADA Community Service Award to the best community service performed by the high school student from the local Chinese American communities.

CADA’s success depends on the support of its members, families, volunteers, local Asian communities and government. I would like to personally invite you to join us in our efforts to promote these CADA objectives!

Dou Alvin Zhang, M.D.,Ph.D. President

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